MEGAFLEX: counterfeit-proof hologram with the RFID-ability
to help protect assets through the supply chain

Megaflex tag is a branded ‘unclonable’ hologram with RFID tags that manufacturers shall affix onto packs of goods, which could be scanned with HF RFID readers (13.56MHz) by agencies as well as by customers with NFC mobile phones.


Two best known technology methods are combined to deliver a synergy to produce an ‘Unclonable’ Tag:

  • Radio-frequency identification for Traceability and
  • Demetallized Hologram for Authenticity.

Hologram provides:

  • visual verification of the authenticity of a product
  • custom design for a brand protection
  • self-destruction capability to prevent chip manipulations
  • radio transparency for reliable RFID communication

Chip provides:

  • NFC ability to communicate mobile phones
  • RFID-enabled traceability
  • Unique ID number linked to product details in a back-end system

Why & When do you might need Megaflex:

  • when aside from the digital authentication you require an easy, quick, friendly proof of authenticity
  • when you need to ensure that a chip belongs to an asset, but it is impossible to get a chip embedded into a product
  • when the use of RFID chip is not esthetic or against a brand policy
  • to protect online sales through the internet
  • to secure and inventory a document (diploma, certificate) with a smart electronic seal - “I-Met”.

Fast automated checking

A product authenticity can be verified instantly with a handheld device (smart phone) by the product details in a remote database: a manufacturer, production date, SN, country of destination, distributor or retail chain.


  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Spectrum Methods
  • Holographic antenna
  • 2D barcode
  • UHF for distance tracking
  • Digital signature
  • Cryptography